I'm no stranger to chronic pain. Throughout my varied career, I've dealt with repetitive stress injuries affecting my hands, plantar fasciitis, and low back problems. My attempts to heal myself changed the course of my life, and gave me an opportunity to help countless people as they moved through a variety of injuries & illness.

I combine 7 years of specialized fitness consulting with a medical degree and manual therapy skills to create a truly unique opportunity for clients to reach their optimal health while getting highly individualized programming and personal attention. I'm an intermediary member of the healthcare team, and help people transition from reliance on medical intervention to the habits which allow them to maintain their own health.

Marisa VanDyke - Lifestyle Therapist


I'm an occupational therapist. I assist others in learning to use lifestyle as a medicine, to anticipate & plan for obstacles, to move through trauma, and to carry that which will not change.

Through a variety of pill-free therapies, my hope is for clients to move & feel freely, and participate fully in life's big adventures.

Myofascial Release Therapist
Functional Aging Specialist
Functional Movement Systems
BioMechanics Specialist
Fascial Stretch Therapist
ACE Personal Trainer
Hatha Yoga Instructor



  • 8 Years


    Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor

    Offered private and group wellness services with the aim of making fitness accessible to people of all ages, shapes, and ability. Adapted programming for people living with MS, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and COPD. Motivated & trained young women to complete their first sprint triathalon.

  • 4 Years


    Sales & Operations Consultant

    Recruit and train new contractors, Email marketing oversight, CRM installation & management.

  • 3 Years


    Rooms Coordinator, Antarctica

    Paired roommates at McMurdo Station throughout the austral summer season. Mediated living conflicts & facilitated transitions to field camps or other Antarctic research bases.

Formal Studies.


Occupational Therapy Doctorate

Creighton University

Marketing Information Systems

James Madison University

Computer Information Systems

James Madison University