A Different Kind of Health Care

Therapy for the Story of Your Future

Health care shouldn't be about what's wrong with you at this moment, or limited by the treatments authorized by skimpy health plans. Great health care starts before illness or injury & supports your unique, personal vision of wellness. Partner with a medically trained professional to create a plan for a more satisfying life through devloping your physical, social & emotional well being.

Through active participation in programs which reduce pain, teach self-treatment, correct imbalances, and build strength, you can learn to manage your health independently.

Know Your Baseline

True success must be measured. Through Bio-Energy Testing, it is now possible to assess your cellular level health including your individualized caloric & exercise needs for health & weight maintenance. Confirm if your current health plan is working, or make adjustments to get results.

Eliminate Pain & Increase Mobility

Myofascial release therapy in the John F. Barnes approach is a gentle manual therapy performed on a massage table. Allieviates chronic pain and muscle soreness. Personal training, corrective exercise, balance re-training and yoga instruction also available.

Set & Exceed Goals

Therapist guided consultations will allow you to set realistic goals & overcome barriers. Maintain motivation with safe modifications and support throughout the process. Occupational therapists are experts in helping others modify and build health promoting habits and routines.

Linda's Experience

The impact of myofascial release treatment on participation in life

"I am finally able to stick out an entire activity with my husband. Last week, we went to the Performing Arts Center and I didn't have to leave halfway through due to the pain that normally sneaks up on me when I sit for longer periods." ~Linda

Be the Story.

That exhilarating feeling you get when you undertake an epic adventure. The pride you have in yourself for keeping up with the kids & grandkids. The excitement of going further or faster, of doing more than you thought was possible.

Lifestyle as medicine: Heal from doing, while creating your future intentionally.

Engage in life's big adventures so that you never have to wake up and ask yourself if you could have done more.

BE the story that everyone else talks about.

Defying expectations isn't easy. Don't go it alone.

Marisa VanDyke, OTD, OTR/L Marisa VanDyke, occupational therapist & personal trainer

Occupational Therapist / Myofascial Release Therapist

Pillow Talk

Change your Pillow, Resolve your Pain

Many of us suffer from pain upon waking up, and much of it can be avoided with bed positioning tricks.

Get Sleep Report
  • I regularly use myofascial release to undo the tension in my back which develops from hours of standing at my job as a hairstylist - which keeps MY clients happy! Andrew M - Myofascial Release

  • After only 5 sessions, I feel relief that I never knew possible. To think, I could have felt better so long ago... Annelise - Myofascial Release

  • Marisa worked closely with my doctor and I to regulate my mood through physical activity so that I could reduce my meds during pregnancy. It meant the world to our little family! Anonymous - 1-to-1 Personal Training

  • I appreciate Marisa's willingness to work with my financial constraints - we've only had a few planning sessions, and I've been able to follow everything on my own! Great value. . Helen R. - Lifestyle Medicine