Myofascial Release

A gentle manual therapy for reducing pain and tissue restrictions.

Trauma, overuse, inactivity, inflammation, or surgical procedures can cause 'fascial restrictions' - where the body's soft tissue tightens down and causes a straightjacket effect. Tissue restrictions which are not released lead to poor movement patterns, habitual postural compensations, and often chronic pain.

Lifestyle Medicine

Consulting for lifestyle change.
Transform your health by creating habits and routines which are supportive to your vitality. This service provides accountability and empowerment to explore and use a variety of health-promoting strategies in order to reach your personal health goals. Gain education, support & collaborative problem-solving from a healthcare professional. Initial instruction in exercise, meal planning, breathing, yoga, stress relief, and/or self-care techniques. Receive suggestions for assistive technology, alternative methods, & energy-saving techniques to ensure you can participate in all your desired life activities. This highly individualized service may look very different for each client.

BioEnergy Testing

Bio-Energy Testing measures how well your mitochondria(energy-producing cells) are functioning and gives specific, personalized results which help to develop targeted intervention plans for managing weight, overcoming chronic conditions, and optimizing health. Flag potential problems with your heart, lungs, and adrenal function. Discover your resting metabolism and the exact exercise plan that will finally allow you lose weight because it's custom designed for your current metabolism.

Weekly Appointment Times

Myofascial Release appointments are highlighted in green.
BioEnergy Testing must be completed in a fasted state.





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Mix & Match

Lifestyle Medicine Alaska believes that conquering pain enables participation. Myofascial Release services can be combined with Lifestyle Medicine to create the optimal client experience. BioEnergy Testing will entail a separate charge.

Special deals & offers

Single Session


  • 50 min sessions
  • Private 1-to-1

5 Session Package

$75 Off

  • Use within 60 days
  • Total Cost: $525

Bio-Energy Testing


  • Fasted Test
  • Discover Baseline